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Metabolic Cooking Review- Why it Crushes the T25 Diet

When it comes to losing weight, most people have heard the saying,

“It’s 80% what you put into your body, and 20% what you do to it.”

This is actually completely true. This is the major reason why we were disappointed with the T25 diet plan. For one, it’s about 6 pages long. There is no way anyone can get what they need from a diet plan that front to back is shorter then most children’s books.

Not to mention the cost of the program. I mean for close to $200 you would think the diet plan would be a little more detailed. Unfortunately, this is not the case.Metabolic Cooking Review and Results

Don’t get me wrong, T25 is great. The exercises are exactly what you need to whip your butt into shape. However, like many of my friends who used the program, we plateaued after about 2 and 1/2 weeks.  We saw some results in our bodies, and then they just stopped. After I did some research, I learned that this is a normal result. In order to take it to the next level, we needed to correct our diets. The T25 diet plan, just wasn’t good enough. It left to many questions unanswered.

So we began to research what kind of diet would work well with T25. We knew that we could not restrict our bodies of the vitamins and calories we need while going through such a rigorous workout routine, we needed something that allowed us to eat and provided results.

Luckily we stumbled on Metabolic Cooking. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Metabolic Cooking Might Be Right For You IF:

  • You don’t have tons of time to devote to learning a new diet
  • You have a busy everyday life and can’t spend hours in the kitchen
  • You’re not interested in becoming a dietitian, you just want a simple plan that works.
  • You want to continue to eat the foods you like.

Best of All

Metabolic cooking is something you can take with you after you finish T25, or more likely, after you give up on T25 (the workouts are very very very hard!). In reality, you don’t need to kill yourself everyday with T25 workouts to get results. You just need to eat properly and break a sweat 2-3 times a week.

Out of our 4 friends who started this T25 journey, only 1 of us actually made it through to the end(and it wasn’t me). The funny thing is, the T25 quitters and Metabolic Cooking adopters got better results then our friend who slugged it out through all the workouts. Why? Because she did not follow a proper diet. Don’t get me wrong, she got results. They were just no where near as easy to get or as noticeable as ours!




Metabolic Cooking Review

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T25 Nutrition Guide


Get It Done!

5 Meals a Day, 5 Ingredients, 5 Minutes to Prep

t25 nutrition guide


The T 25 diet is very similar to other diets that beach body has used for many of their other weight loss products.  It involves eating 5 small meals a day that are under under a certain amount of calories.  Most trainers would not actually call this diet because you really do eat a lot of food on it. You will need a lot more nutrients then your used to because this will be one of the most intense workout routines you could possibly go though.


Eating 5 small meals a day, rather then 3 large ones speeds up your metabolism. This helps your body burn fat throughout the day and lose weight. Many people have had lots of success on the  diet.

Focus T25 Nutrition Plan Goals

The whole idea is to keep it simple, eating smaller portion meals throughout the day. We want to emphasize the eat part. You cannot starve yourself when you are using this program. In fact, the meal plan is more important then the actual workouts.  You body will be needing nutrition like it has never needed it before. The workouts are extremely intense which makes proper nutrition even more important.

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